Tips on how to LEVEL UP fast in Dragon City!

dragon city

Hello mga Dragon City fanatic!! Here are some tips how to level up fast.

You can level up fast by doing the following:

1, Breeding much dragons.

2, Use the farms more often.

3, You can buy a habitat/big farm, and after that sell it again.  This is probably the best way to gain too much experience.

4, lastly you can try this one.

Example, you are level 14, you can build 6 farms maximally.
Build 6 big farms, and sell them all, so you will have half of the gold left, and you will get much exp, then, build 6 big farms again, and sell them all again. Now you are leveled up and you can do that again many times.
That way is also possible with habitats, but it is more expensive
-Boosts, they give a GIANT amount of EXP, but it takes time, and MUUUCH gold.
-Erasing obstacles, like big stones or trees.


Enjoy Playing..

Connectzone Admin.

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