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Candy Crush Saga, Tips, Guides and Hints!


One of the most played game in Facebook is Candy Crush Saga. This is a thinking player’s game. Whereas you have to think very carefully what move you will make to match a similar candies, so that you finish your objectives.

The first few levels are easy to play, but players may find levels 35 onwards is challenging and exciting. These Candy Crush Saga tips and hints will help them achieve puzzle objectives and match the right candies.


Tips and Tricks

1. Think first and study your move, make the best possible matches of the candies. This will help you to complete the game objectives. Remember that in Candy crush there’s no time limit, only move limit.

2. If in case your taking too much time to think what moves you will make, the game will automatically provide you a hint. Some potential match candies will flash indicating this is a possible match. However, in some other levels whereas you objective is to remove all the jellies of bring down some ingredients at the bottom, it would be wise not to use the hint provided by the game. Because the games pick it randomly and you won’t be able to complete your objectives when you use the hints.

3. In some levels that required you to eliminate all jellies, you can target those candies that are covered with jellies. Or else, at least those candies close or besides the jelly filled candy,. This way you can remove most candies filled with jelly in just a few moves.

4. Like other saga games, candy crush also has plenty of boosters that you can use. These boosters can help you achieve your objectives quickly as possible.  There are different kind of boosters, like Extra moves, Lollipop hammer and Jelly fish.  Once you manage to unlock any of them. It will be shown at the top-right corner of the screen. That requires you to click the unlocked boosters before starting a level.

5. When you start to play the games, in default you have five lives. If your Facebook’s friends send you lives, don’t click on the accept button, just close the window. When you lose one, you click on the envelop icon on the top-left corner of the screen and accept it. This icon will appears when you are on the map mode (before you start a game).


Tips to Create and Use Special Candies


This is my favorite part. Using the special candies. There are 4 types of special candies that can be created by matching 3 normal candies.

1. The special stripped candy requires you to match 4 candies of the same color. Once you have it, you can match it with normal candies that similar in color. The result will be a blast that will eliminate the candies at the same line, vertically or horizontally.

2. The special candy wrapped in plastic can be created after matching normal candies which is L-shaped or T-shaped. This candy can also be match with candies of the same color to destroy a set of candies in just a single move. This special candy can help you remove stubborn jelly filled spaces.

3. You can also get a giant candy by combining the special wrapped candy with the stripped candy. This giant candy works like a bomb, which can get rid of maximum candies horizontally and vertically.

4. And the last one is the big chocolate ball candy, which has some small circular candies stuck on its surface.. You can create this when you match 5 candies. Combine this special candy with a normal candy of any color to remove all candies of that color. The best tips for this is to choose the candies with more in numbers. This way you make more points. In some levels where you are required to remove jellies filled candy, match it with normal candies with more number of jelly filled. This can eliminate the jellies more quickly.
That’s all for now. Sugar Crush!